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Dental Appliances

At Ocean Dental in Burnaby, we offer custom dental appliances to help protect your smile.

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Mouth Guards

A sports guard help protect your child’s teeth from damage while playing sports. While generic sports guards are available at sports stores, these may not properly fit your child’s teeth. Ocean Dental offers custom mouth guards, which are fitted to your child’s mouth to encourage optimal protection and comfort.

How can a mouth guard protect my kid's smile?

If your child does play sports, a fitted and custom-made sports guard can do more than simply protect teeth but also the mouth, neck, and jaw. In fact, sports guards can also help provide some protection for the head and against sports-related concussions. At Ocean Dental, we believe sports guards are necessary equipment for sports with risks of falls or contact with other players or equipment.

What is the difference between store-bought and custom-made mouth and bite guards?

While generic mouth guards are available for purchase at most sports retail stores and/or pharmacies, they may not properly conform to your child’s teeth and may prove less effective and comfortable than a custom-made guard.

Bite Guards

Bite guards may be recommended for patients who are experiencing headaches and a sore and stiff jaw, that may be caused by teeth grinding or clenching.

How does a custom mouth/bite guard appointment work?

Creating custom fitted guards typically involves two dentist appointments. During the first appointment, digital imaging is employed before a mold is made to take an impression of you or your child’s teeth. The impressions are then sent to a lab and during the second appointment, the guard is fitted to encourage full coverage, fit, and general comfort in wearing.

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